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About Mark A. Shraga M.A.

After completing an NLP Practitioner training in 2008 Mark focused on developing an integrated approach to Coaching and training business executives. Following on from an NLP Master Practitioner qualification on 2010 and an NLP Trainers Training in 2012 Mark embarked on a MA degree in Applied Coaching with the University of Derby (Corporate). Mark Qualified as a Level 1 Coach with the British Aikido Board in November 2015 and was graded to 1st Dan on the 9th June 2016 at Shodokan Honbu, Osaka, Japan by Nariyama Shihan 9th Dan and Sakai Sensei 6th Dan. Mark was graded again at Shodokan Honbu to 2nd Dan (Nidan) on the 22nd June 2018. He opened the Shodokan West London club in May 2016. Click here for more information on Shodokan West London club.

The focus of Mark’s MA degree was the design of a new and exciting Coaching methodology which works with the clients’ entire neurology, body, mind and emotions, to awaken them to consciousness choice. This exciting new generative approach is Neuro-Somatic Coaching TM and is only available from Brighter Lives.

Mark is currently writing a number of books and articles for publication over the next couple of years whilst further developing his Coaching research at PhD level. Mark publishes articles regularly with Rapport Magazine, the worlds leading NLP Magazine published by ANLP. He published an article on Listening in business (Winter 2014 edition). His article entitled 'Suprise Yourself' was published in the Rapport Magazine Celebratory 50th edition (2016) as the end note. Click here to view the article. An interview with Mark in Your Business with James Caan can be viewed here. Click here to view his ANLP Trainer Member Certificate.

Mark is also a telecoms entrepreneur with business interests in the UK and South Africa and lives in West London with his wife and daughter

Mark has a International Coaching Federation accreditation as well.

Neuro-Somatic Coaching TM

Neuro-Somatic Coaching (NSC) is a successful new generative approach to coaching that works with the client on every level of their being.  With NSC we work in partnership with the client to awaken latent resources to create better choices. Over a course of six coaching sessions the client will begin to experience inner strengths and reassuring clarity that will anchor into their everyday sense of being.

Developed from a range of disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Symbolic Modelling, Aikido, The Alexander Technique and Hypnotherapy, NSC is a methodology designed to aid personal development whilst living in the real world of difficult mental and emotional challenges.

Each client that chooses to pursue a course of Neuro-Somatic Coaching sessions receives a personal journal as a core part of the program so that the coaching process continues between sessions. Structured tasks and ongoing feedback coupled with journal analysis over the course of six sessions ensure that clients get maximum value from their investment.

Previous clients have subsequently experienced positive developments in their career progression, being strong and centred when speaking in public, resilience in challenging times and in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams (and in some cases all of the above). If you would like to know more email us at

Read what some of our clients have to say about us:

Mark is an inspirational personal coach.

I've had a distinct privilege of participating in Mark’s research in Applied Coaching. From the outset, Mark was a very positive, full of insight and open-minded person. His professional experience, interests, skills and enthusiasm were brilliant. The whole program consisted of two 5 minute long Public Talks and a set of exercises such as Diary Writing, Hypnotherapy, the Alexander Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Aikido, Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling. I felt much more motivated and confident after a few sessions with Mark. My life has definitely taken a turn for the positive. Mark is an inspirational personal coach who can masterfully put things in perspective and create a situation in which you achieve your own goals.

- Magdalena Slowinska, Co-Founder and CEO at

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