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Shodokan Aikido

Shodokan Aikido is a Japanese Martial art that works with the force used by your opponent so that it can be redirected, channelled and controlled.

Our classes are usually 2 hours long and begin with the same warm up program as used in our Osaka HQ dojo (Hombu), followed by a series of developmental exercises carried out individually and with a partner.

The 5 core outcomes of learning Shodokan Aikido are:

  1. 1. Developing balance and good movement
  2. 2. Learning to fall safely
  3. 3. Increased self confidence and wellbeing
  4. 4. Increased capability to defend oneself both physically (and verbally)
  5. 5. Competency with a complete system of techniques from a leading Japanese Martial art

Our gradings are recognised by the British Aikido Board, Shodokan Aikido UK and the Shodokan Aikido Federation in Japan.

Beginners are always welcome – we hope to see you soon!

A brief history:

Shodokan Aikido is the system of training devised by Professor Tomiki Kenji. Tomiki Kenji (1900 - 1979) was an eminent pre-war student of both Kano Jigoro (1860-1938), the founder of Judo, and MoriheiUeshiba (1883-1969), the founder of Aikido.

Using the educational and scientific principles that Kano brought to Judo, Tomiki developed a training system for the Aikido techniques of Ueshiba. This method of practice incorporated both kata and freeplay “randori”, along with fundamental training methods for core Aikido skills.

Tomiki also developed competitive Aikido, similar to Judo, so that techniques could be tested against an opponent. Since many Aikido techniques are based on attacks with a weapon, Tomiki realised that the only way to maintain correct distance between opponents, whilst they attempted throws, joint locks and strikes, was to introduce a safe weapon into the sport – a foam Japanese tanto (short sword). The tanto gave the necessary incentive for a defender to keep distance and avoid, whilst being able to apply aikido technique to a committed attack.

Shodokan aikido is practised around the world, with regular regional, national and international competitions.

In the late 1970s Professor Tomiki formally named his style of Aikido training “Shodokan" – ‘the enlightened way’.

He also established the Shodokan Hombu dojo in Osaka, Japan.

Tomiki Kenji’s most skilled and prominent student, NariyamaTetsuro, was tasked by Tomiki to continue to research and develop Shodokan Aikido at the Shodokan Hombu dojo in Osaka.

Mark Shraga, our lead instructor at SWL, received his 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belt promotions directly from Nariyama Shihan at Shodokan Hombu in Osaka.

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