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1 Day workshop: NLP introduction to Rapport & Customer Modelling

In this enjoyable one day workshop you will experience the simple yet effective process of learning the magic of rapport with your colleagues. Learning outcomes include an increased awareness of visual and auditory acuity, along with developing that magical feeling of connection when people ‘click’. You will learn how to make sense of your clients buying and interpersonal communication strategies whilst learning more about your own. And at the end you will leave the workshop comfortably on the way to creating stronger client relationships whether over the phone or in a ‘face to face’ meeting.

2 Day workshop: NLP & Creative Selling

In this punchy two day workshop you will be introduced to the Brighter Lives Creative Selling Methodology. This workshop includes a short module focused on self-motivation before moving on to learning through a series of group exercises how to handle all kinds of customers in a range of situations whilst always staying one step ahead of being shut down or closed out of the deal. This workshop goes beyond selling consultatively, and focuses on the clients’ desired outcomes, leading to a client relationship where you are the catalyst in helping them to develop their business. Learning outcomes include an increased sense of confidence with any level of customer, under any circumstance. You will learn how to go from pitching a product to thinking and selling like a professional entrepreneur. You will then go on to create customers that will buy from you for the life of your current business, and any subsequent venture you choose to pursue.

4 Day workshop: Creating a Positive Workspace (CPW)

This workshop is designed to bring your team together to raise their game to another level whilst totally transforming the way they create their working environment together. This workshop has been delivered to rising stars from London Business School and Telecoms executives with powerful results. Over the course of 4 one day workshop sessions you will learn how to create your own empowering space whilst enabling others to do the same. You will learn how to take your interpersonal skills to another level and the do so in partnership with your colleagues. You will work together to create a stronger and more motivational working community – and you will achieve it before the end of the 4th day of the workshop.

NLP Coaching

Mark is a world class NLP Coach. He has worked with a range of individuals from all walks of life from CEO’s to Scientists to High School teachers, helping them to achieve their goals. Mark also enjoys working with people who feel they ‘ought to’ have a goal but cannot work out what it ‘should’ be. Whatever your Coaching requirements, Brighter Lives will help you on the road from A to wherever you want to B.

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